Wine Concierge Services

99% of the world's wine does not need cellaring. Each grape variety responds differently to the winemaking process, in the same way it does to cellaring.  Wine is of course a living thing, a product of science, an experiment that continues to develop over years and decades as the molecules and structure of the wine continues its changing journey.

Most wines are in their peak the day you purchase them, if not a year or so after. But these ready to go bottles will be surpassed without a second glance when put next to a well cellared and aged bottle that has had the chance to mature. The palate texture, flavor profile and levels of complexities experienced in older, mature bottles of wine offer unequaled tasting experiences that cannot be replicated in younger wines.

So - how do you work out which wines you should cellar? 

And, what are your cellaring objectives? Investment? Future enjoyment? Both?

Are you sure you are cellaring your wine correctly to ensure perfect provenance and future enjoyment? 

It's fun reading up online about all the different varieties, sub-regions, appellations, good seasons, off-seasons... but it can get overwhelming. 

Our team of Sommeliers and Wine Advisors have broad experience with global wine to help advise you on where to start a new collection, how to build on an existing one, or how to correctly cellar a valuable one. 

Thomas had years of experience, passionated, wine collector, knows and have access to treasures from all around the world. He will answer your questions and will offer the wines matching your taste and wishes !

What we can offer you:

  • Visits to your cellar to do an overall audit
  • Advice on trends, rising stars, classic investment brands, seasonal vintage commentary, bucket-list wines, and those once-in-a-lifetime bottles...
  • Valuations 
  • Basic advice on the practicals of cellaring and drinking - i.e. cellaring conditions, glassware, wine fridges, coravin, the art of food and wine pairing
  • Sourcing from a wide ranging portfolio, including New Zealand and international, large format, sparkling, spirits.
  • Sourcing exciting and rare bottles - perhaps you are looking for an old favourite years ago, we love hunting for rare wine!

How does it work?

  • Initially, we would coordinate a Zoom, phone call or visit at Kinross with Thomas to scope the project
  • This might look something like 'Buy 3 wines each month for 6 months, spending maximum of $300/month'
  • After agreeing, we will coordinate delivery and we can work on storage facilities or electric cellar options that will suit you.  

Please get in touch with Thomas Moschetta to discuss further. All services will be fully customised to your requirements.

Email for more info.

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